the Awning Factory Difference


The arms are the heart of any retractable awning system. The strength of the arms dictates the performance of the awning. The arms are what transfers the tension from the internal spring to the front bar, creating a tight fabric and a high performance awning. The Patented belt is made up of 9 stainless steel cables that are totally sealed in a poly carbon UV resistant PVC coating. This PVC covering prevents wear and damage that can occur with chains and cables, ensuring a corrosion resistant product. These revolutionary belts have been tested to 60,000 cycles, which is 10 times more than traditional chains and cables found on most other awnings. Final arm assembly is done with robotics to provide optimum consistency and quality. Then, computer matched in pairs to ensure equal tension. This brilliant combination of durability, power and beauty is now setting a new higher standard in the retractable awning industry.