Window Awnings

Window awnings are 7 times more effective at blocking heat than any other window treatment.

Our retractable Baroness awning perfectly complements our line of patio awnings. It extents a full 160 degrees to provide unlimited control for your shading and privacy needs and neatly rolls up into a self contained housing when not in use. Operation is made simple with an inside or outside cord winch, outside crank handle or remote control for ultimate ease and comfort. We also have a large range of canopy and basket style awnings designed for windows and doors of all shapes and sizes.

DUCHESS window awningDUCHESS
DIPLOMAT #90 window awningDIPLOMAT #90
AMBASSADOR #10 window awningAMBASSADOR #10

DIPLOMAT #100 window awningDIPLOMAT #100
VISAGE window awningVISAGE
AMBASSADOR #40 window awningAMBASSADOR #40